IoT-based Remote Water Meter Reading System
HY-CHECK takes a photo of the guide of water meter and analyzes meter data through AI deep learning technology 
applied to image data. It enables charging the appropriate water meter costs and addressing civil complaints by using actual images and covers all regions with the communication terminal by using the broadband network. 
It also provides databased on the amount of water used, which is helpful in taking care of the elderly living alone and
the vulnerable and forging stronger social safety net in linkage with expanding public health services. 

[NEWS] CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

IoT-based Remote Water Meter Reading System, HY-CHECK
Selected CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in Smart Cities category


01The IoT Platform, NeoIDM applied International IoT standard LwM2M
  • HY-CHECK operates on a NeoIDM, IoT platform developed by Hancom Intelligence.
    NeoIDM supports interactive two-way IoT environment that enables millions of metering devices to link together simultaneously for data acquisition.
02All meter data images are AI-analyzed and history management converted into database
  • Use all actual meter images as evidence of water costs through history management
  • Include the actual meter image in the water bill to resolve water bill-related civil complaints (optional)
03Installed without having to replace the existing analogue measuring instrument
  • No need to cut off water supply when installing and replacing the meter reader, and management is also easy
  • Regardless of diameter, all sizes can be applied to the same model without cost increase
04Excellent durability
  • The highly durable reader consisting of two layers has acquired an NEP* certificate on waterproofness, moisture resistance, and durability.
    * NEP (New Excellent Product) certified by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
05Resolving communication shading area using broadband LTE network.
  • Since it uses the broadband LTE network, the radio shadow area can be covered without missing to gather the relevant data


Remote management of meter reader
Monitoring of all meter statuses
Check the intuitive meter reading status by marking the location of the meter on the map
Providing real-time graphs for managing the overall usage and flow rate of water supply businesses
Possible to monitor the status of the terminal, battery status, communication status, etc.
Check meter data by image for each consumer and link the data to water cost
Check meter data by image for each consumer
Index meterized images by customer and check AI analysis data.
Monthly usage inquiry by consumer and trend calculation using graphs
Providing an API for interworking with the fare information system
Check the amount of water used will link to social safety net
HY-CHECK can help to enhance the social trust by the clear measurement of waterusage and transparent billing system implementation
Set alarm sending function according to water usage conditions(optional)
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