HY-Check(Eng) : MDS인텔리전스

IoT-based Remote Water Meter Reading System
HY-CHECK takes a photo of the guide of water meter and analyzes meter data through AIdeep learning technology
applied to image data. It enables charging the appropriate water meter costs and addressing civil complaints by
using actual images and covers all regions with the communication terminal by using the broadband network.
It also provides data based on the amount of water used, which is helpful in taking care of the elderly living alone and
the vulnerable and forging stronger social safety net in linkage with expanding public health services.

[NEWS] CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree

IoT-based Remote Water Meter Reading System HY-CHECK
selected CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in Smart Cities category

Furthermore, it provides a systematic plan to efficiently utilize national water resources by improving the water flow rate through real-time monitoring.

Main Features

01IoT platform with international IoT standards
  • Establishment of a remote meter reading system with excellent scalability and heterogeneous linkage with an IoT platform based on LWM2M, an IoT international standard
02All meter reading data taken image AI analysis and history management DB
  • Utilization of fee proof data through history management of actually photographed meter reading images
  • Resolving billing complaints by including the actual metered image in the billing statement (optional)
03Can be installed without replacing existing analog meters
  • Installation and replacement are possible without regional water cutoff and maintenance is easy
  • Regardless of the change in caliber, all calibers can be applied to the same model, so there is no cost increase
04Excellent waterproof and moisture-proof durability
  • Received NEP certification for waterproof and moisture-proof durability, and designed for strong durability with a double structure
05Resolving communication shadow areas using broadband LTE network
  • Resolving shadow area communication errors that can occur in narrowband communication by utilizing broadband LTE network

Major Features

Remote management of meter reading terminals and monitoring of overall meter reading status
Monitor meter reading terminal status, total usage, and water flow rate through a dedicated dashboard
Intuitive reading status can be checked by displaying the location of the meter on the map
Provides real-time graphs for managing water consumption and water flow rate of the entire waterworks office
Device status, battery status, communication status, etc. can be monitored
Inquiry of meter reading image data by customer and linkage with rate service
You can search the usage history for a specific period by customer
Possible to index scanned images by consumer and search AI analysis data
Inquiry of monthly usage by customer and calculation of trends using graphs
Provides API for interworking with rate information system
Linkage with social safety net through biological activity index
Provides information to enable management of seniors living alone and vulnerable groups according to water consumption
Alarm sending function setting according to water usage conditions (optional)
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